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About Us

Before Monsoons was built and designed by Los Angeles artists Tim and Nicole Mueller. They had a vision of creating a forest themed event space in the middle of a busy concrete city where the hustle and bustle needs a break. Before Monsoons is a beautifully decorated space where people can celebrate their love, hopes, and dreams. It's a place for creators to change their dreams to a reality. Our vision was to design a space in high contrast with the city we live in today by using color and emotion to relax the mind. 


Our Philosophy

Our idea was to create a space made from the materials of the earth to contrast the fast paced future forward city of Los Angeles. Not often you can walk into an open space filled with hand made furniture, recycled canvas hand dyed curtains, forest plants, and a beautiful waterfall. We wanted to show people the beauty of nature in its perfect environment while celebrating a special time in their lives. 

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